Asphalt Repair Contractor in New Jersey

Asphalt repair of any kind.​ We repair those annoying potholes and cracks.

Paveway Asphalt and Sealcoating provides competitively priced asphalt repair for Gloucester County and Southern New Jersey.  We can smooth out imperfections and fix hazards that can be a liability or safety hazard for vehicles and pedestrians. We are a top rated, licensed and insured paving contractor ready and able to provide repair and maintenance services with minimal disruption to your business.

A solution for all types of asphalt damage

Minor Cracks - Crack Sealing

Fill minor cracks with an injected asphalt tar mix.

General Damage - Asphalt patching

Cleans up damaged asphalt and fills with smooth, matching asphalt.

Minor Imperfections - Asphalt overlays

Damage not too bad? An overlay spreads smooth, new payment over ground-down damaged asphalt.

Holes - Pot Hole repairs

Also known as a "full-depth replacement", pot hole repair

Severe Damage - Resurfacing

Is your asphalt parking lot or driveway badly damaged? Sometimes the only solution is to start over again.

Asphalt repair
Driveway Overlay in West Deptford, NJ
pot holes and crack repair
Saw Cut Asphalt Repair in NJ

Our Asphalt Repair Services:

Crack Sealing

Small cracks are carefully identified, cleaned, and injected with an asphalt mixture or an acrylic polymer to fill and smooth out the crack.  Cracks in your asphalt should always be repaired at the first opportunity to prevent them from growing bigger and more expensive to repair.  When cracks are left open, moisture and water can easily penetrate and deteriorate the asphalt. In freezing temperatures these cracks can soon expand and worsen.

Crack fills designed for the Northeast weather are recommended to help protect against wet and cold that eats away at your asphalt.

Asphalt patching

The damaged area is milled or excavated down to a depth that is as deep or deeper than the existing asphalt.  Deteriorated asphalt is then removed. If the deterioration goes down to stone, then a deeper excavation may be needed.  A corresponding layer of asphalt is made that matches the hole’s specifications and fills it perfectly, leaving a smooth, long-lasting patch.

Pothole Filling

Potholes can lead to serious vehicle damage and injury. Our repair process includes making sure the area is cleared of loose material and debris before an asphalt patch is poured into the hole.  Asphalt is poured in at intervals and compacted before being crowned off to smooth and finally compress the space.

Potholes are often a sign of a water drainage problem, or the layout of the lot.  For more information and to address future problems give us a call. We are asphalt repair specialists.

Some pothole repairs may require a sub-base repair and/or removing more asphalt.

Repair now to protect against further damage

Don’t ignore signs of asphalt deterioration. What starts out as small cracks and imperfections can spread into bigger, more expensive problems. When addressed early, problems can be avoided. Maintaining your parking lot or other space can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the long haul.
Asphalt repairs are cheaper when you schedule them at the first signs of distress or as a regular maintenance project.

Proper and timely maintenance assures that your paved surface is safe for motorists and pedestrians. It helps to maintain good curb appeal and improves the lifespan of your driveway, parking lot or other paved surface.

Call us for a competitive quote in the Gloucester County / South New Jersey area.

Serving southern New Jersey including:  

Gloucester County, Burlington County, Camden County, Atlantic County, Cumberland County, Cherry Hill, Williamstown and Sewell NJ.

Common asphalt repair questions:

Yes, we can still patch your asphalt surface in light rain, however heavy rain can prevent the patch from curing correctly.

Sometimes asphalt repairs can be done in winter, depending on a number of factors, including if asphalt plants are open.  Often a “cold patch” is as a temporary, secure solution until hot asphalt can be applied when the temperature warms up.

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