Line Stripping

Present a clean and organized parking lot

Do you own a business with a parking lot that needs line stripping?  We’ve got you covered with a complete range of services.  Paveway Asphalt and Sealcoating can strip any kind of parking lot, gas stations, retail lots, restaurants and more.  We strip everything from ADA compliant parking bays to cross walks. We paint clear and safe lines, symbols and wording.

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Line Stripping Offers Numerous Benefits

Attract new customers

A clear and well presented parking lot encourages customers to enter your premises.

Safer for Customers & Empoyees

Small dropplets of fluid from vehicles such as engine oils can get between the asphalt and cause the materials to break down. Pools of water can be particularly problematic to driveways and parking lots, causing a large number of cracks. Avoid accidents and unnecessary confusion with proper, well thought-out markings.

Protecting people's property

No one likes returning to find a dent in their car door. This can be avoided with wide, clear parking lines.

Everything you need to inform and protect

  • Parking space indication lines
  • Handicapped parking spaces
  • Directional arrows for flow of traffic (including entry, exit etc..)
  • Speed limit markings
  • Warnings and notices such as – Enter, exit, loading only, no parking, slow, stop

Replenish Your Existing Markings

Are your lines and markings fading away and causing confusion? Depending on how frequently your lot is used, line stripping can last for a year or longer. Adverse weather can also play a role.  Maybe you want to re-design and improve your space.

Whatever the reasons there are numerous benefits of re-stripping your lines:

Maintain a positive first impression

Keep staff and customers happy

With clearly designed parking spaces and way-finding directions that doesn't frustrate the visitor.

Maintain ADA compliance

Re-stripping can help to keep your premises compliant.

Maximize your space

Is your current layout not working for you? As a re-stripping company we can evaluate and recommend a plan to get the most from your parking space.

Comply with fire codes

Your parking lot should have a clearly designed lane for emergency use.

How does line stripping work?

Planning for the lot

If you need to strip a new lot or overhaul an existing one then proper planning should take place.  Line stripping companies like Paveway Asphalt & Sealcoating can advise you on the best configuration to safely maximize your space and maintain a good flow of traffic.

Preparing for line stripping

Good line stripping is applied to clean and smooth asphalt.  If there are any cracks or bulges then asphalt repair should be completed first.  The area may need cleaning to ensure a good clean surface to paint onto.  Paveway Asphalt will advise you on this.

Organizing temporary parking

If your lot is being re-stripped you may need to arrange for alternate temporary parking for employees and visitors.  If possible/appropriate the area is roped off.

Stripping begins

Line stripping machines are used to carefully paint on your required lines and markings.

Paveway Asphalt & Sealcoating provide free estimates, price matching and full insurance for all commercial and residential sealcoating work.

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Common Sealcoating Questions - Answered

  • Total area of a typical parking space: 320 sq ft
  • Typical width: 7.9-9 ft
  • Typical width of angled space: 16-18 ft
  • Typical width of parallel parking space: 20-26 ft

The number of required spaces depends on the total bays in your parking lot.

  • 1 to 25:          1
  • 26 to 50:        2
  • 51 to 75:        3
  • 76 to 100:      4
  • 151 to 200:    6
  • 201 to 300:    7
  • 301  to 400:   8
  • 401 to 500:    9
  • 501 to 1000:  2% of total

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