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Protect your driveway, parking lot or pavement!

Get years more of effective use from your surface with protective sealant that keeps your driveway, parking lot or pavement cleaner, safer and looking its best.

Our parking lot and driveway sealer is applied in a dark black finish. Besides adding life to your paved area, customers often choose sealcoating to enhance the look of their paved space.

sealcoating in nj

How Sealcoating Protects

Sealcoating limits effects of weathering

UV rays from the sun, heat and rain can all cause your aggregate surface to deteroriorate. Drying of the surface leads to brittleness and cracks.

Protects against oil, gasoline & water

Small dropplets of fluid from vehicles such as engine oils can get between the asphalt and cause the materials to break down. Pools of water can be particularly problematic to driveways and parking lots, causing a large number of cracks.

Greying caused by oxidization

The process of oxidization (exposure to oxygen) can lead to a worn and greying look for your surface. Oxidizaation causes increasing brittleness and the likelihood of cracks.

Over time uncoated surfaces lose their flexibility. This is when problems can start to arise.  The asphalt can roughen, become brittle and more likely to crack.  Sealcoating provides a protective layer above the surface to lock in the moisture, protect against harmful heat, UV rays and water.

More than a protective coating..

In addition to protecting your surface.

Like many protective coatings, sealcoating is not a permenant solution.  The industry standard for sealcoating is to have it replaced every 2-3 years.  This will help to keep the surface in prime condition and prevent the likelihood for cracks that require repairing in the future.

A protective coating can double your surfaces lifespan

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Common Sealcoating Questions - Answered

It’s a type of liquid emulsion combining water, silica sand, polymer additives and other solids.    

The oils and minerals in sealcoating penetrate into the surface and help to replenish lost oils that improve the surface flexibility.

Small amounts of sand and asphalt in the coating can help to fill small cracks and even out a driveway or parking lot.

It’s best to apply when deterioration first starts to show to help prevent further damage and restore it.

If the surface is light gray or showing signs of cracking, then this means that water and sunlight are reaching the asphalt binder and eating at it.  This is the time to install sealcoating.

The coating is applied manually as a spray or with a broom/squeegee.

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