pot holes and crack repair

Simple Steps to Avoid Costly Asphalt Repairs

As a home or business owner there are certain things we think about when winter starts to come around, testing the sump pump, checking gutters and drains, preparing for winter storms – but how many of us think about our driveways and walkways? They’re extremely durable right? Meant to be out in the cold and heat all year long?

Sure, asphalt is a durable material but without proper maintenance it’s will eventually develop cracks and potholes, and the problems that set the wheels in motion often start around winter time. During harsh winter, when it snows, the continuous freezing and thawing cycles can make problems worse. So, preventive check-ups and maintenance can help identify the problems in time and prevent costly repairs. Here are some things you can do prevent major asphalt repairs.

Check if asphalt surfaces have settled

If you find that any of the asphalt surfaces have settled, particularly in areas where water accumulates, it may be a sign that you need to seek professional help. When left unchecked, these depressions in the asphalt surfaces can lead to greater damage and necessitate expensive repairs. It is advisable that you get resurfacing done on the settled asphalt before winter comes.

Fix cracks and other damages

Over time, weather and vehicle movement can cause asphalt to erode and create cracks, potholes and other types of damage. This damage should be fixed during the fall season so that the problems do not aggravate over the course of winter. Asphalt paving is not typically done in winter as it’s too cold. Temporary patching can however be done. It’s best to get repairs done in the early fall or spring so that the surface is stable from expansion/contraction.

Do not allow water pooling

Flooding or pooling is not ideal for asphalt driveways and parking lots. As the water eats into the asphalt it can cause cracks, which can become bigger with time. It is important to ensure that your asphalt has a level surface and that the water gets properly drained. If you find pooling water on your pavement, parking lot or driveway, call up a professional to have it checked.

Avoid always parking in the same spot

We tend to park our vehicle in the same spot all the time, out of habit and convenience. Over time repeated heat and pressure can cause damage to the asphalt, eventually leading to sinking and deformities.

Protect your Asphalt with Sealcoating

Sealcoating is one of the best ways to extend life of the asphalt surface. Weathering and ageing can cause damage to the binder. Sealcoating helps replenish the binder and protect it from the elements. It also restores the original color of the asphalt and enhances the overall look of the property.

Before you know it, asphalt problems can soon multiply if timely maintenance isn’t carried out. These simple steps can go a long way in preventing costly repairs and can extend the life of your asphalt.