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When to Re-Strip your Parking Lot?

When was the last time you really thought about the condition of your parking lot? Its outside, it’s designed to stand up to the elements sure, but it’s not impervious to degrading. Inevitably there will come a day when the asphalt begins to crack, or the painted lines start to fade. Quietly, that can start making an impact on how people view your business.

Faded line stripping not only looks bad on your business, it causes frustration, confusion and distrust. It’s easy to neglect these lines and assume that your parking lot is there and always will be, but don’t ignore the signs.

How do you know when it’s time to have your parking lot stripes re-done?

Typical ranges are yearly, every few years or longer

In truth there is no typical timeframe for how often you should schedule line-stripping. Some companies do it every other year, some every few years. The rate at which the markings fade depends on a whole host of varying factors, from weather conditions to frequency of use, quality of paint and the installation methods; deteriorating asphalt can also play a role. That’s why you want to be sure your dealing with a trusted paving company, this way you know that your markings are made to last. (Paveway Asphalt has an average 4.2 star Google rating with many 5 star customer testimonials)

A well-maintained parking lot and with bold, clear stripes is essential for any business. Parking lot stripes not only make the lot look better, but also provide safety to pedestrians and drivers. 

Aim for maintain 75% visibility

A good rule of thumb is to re-strip your parking lot markings when they have reduced to 75% of their visibility. You don’t want to wait until they have faded completely, as you’ll have plenty of time before then when reduced visibility causes dissatisfaction and problems. If they’re starting to fade, you should start thinking about re-stripping.

It can be hard to know exactly what 75% visibility looks like. In any case you should definitely have your lines re-marked every 5 years, as a minimum, but look to every 2-3 years to maintain best impressions and safe use.

Be sure to meet ADA compliance

Before you re-strip your parking lot you need to check what the ADA (Americans with Disabilities ACT) requires of you. If you re-paint your lot and it’s not compliant you could be in with a fine. Check the ADA restriping design guide.

Re-stripping is not time-consuming

Concerned about the disruption and downtime from re-doing your parking lot stripping? No need to worry, this can be done relatively quickly with a maximum drying time of around 24 hours to dry completely.

Need restriping in New Jersey?

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